Diamond Harvest Scheme Policy

Terms & Conditions for Purchasing DHS voucher and JShine Diamond Harvest Scheme

Terms of Use

Jshine Souk Pvt. Ltd. is a company incorporated under the laws of India. The objective of Jshine Diamond Harvest Scheme is to acquire more clients and to promote Jshine Diamond Jewellery where the customer has the option to select more flexible and convenient method to increase their collection of Diamond Jewellery.

DHS Voucher defination

DHS vouchers are equal to goods sold which can be exchanged/ redeemed against JShine Diamond jewellery.


Registration is only a one time process which can be done via online mode and offline mode.


To register on the website the User/Client has to visit the website www.jshine.in, where he/she has the option to select any Diamond Harvest Schemes and would have to complete the registration process by providing information such as name, e-mail, contact number, contact address, Date of birth, etc. This information will be used for verification purposes only.


To register offline, the User/Client needs to fill in the Jshine Diamond Harvest Scheme Form in which he/she has to provide information about him/herself such as name, e-mail, contact number, contact address, date of birth, etc. The user/client shall have the option to select Diamond Harvest Schemes where he/she can purchase the DHS voucher worth Rs. 4000 and above with a specific time limit.

Customer ID

  • In a single customer ID, a customer can enrol in a multiple Diamond Harvest Scheme with multiple names but billing will be done only in the name of the customer ID.
  • Two customer IDs can never be clubbed.


For the purchase of DHS vouchers, the company gives different types of benefits from time to time and the same would be announced according to the company’s adopted methods and policies.

Exchange/Redemption of DHS voucher
The DHS voucher is a flexible scheme where the customer can redeem/exchange the vouchers with JShine Diamond Jewellery from JShine store with a validity of 3 years beginning from the date of purchase.

  • The DHS voucher can be redeemed/exchanged with the current value of the JShine Diamond Jewellery product only.
  • The total DHS voucher can be redeemed/exchanged equivalent to the value of DHS voucher.
  • The DHS voucher is non-refundable but can be gifted to some other person.
  • The DHS voucher can either be redeemed fully or partially.
  • The DHS customer can redeem his/her vouchers with elegant JShine Diamond Jewellery at any point of time till the validity.

Other points

  • The company reserves the right to itself to discontinue the Diamond Harvest Scheme at any point of time and inform the user/client to redeem/exchange the DHS voucher with elegant JShine Diamond Jewellery.
  • Other terms and conditions of JShine Souk Pvt. Ltd. are also applicable to the users/clients participating in JShine Diamond Harvest Scheme.
  • The company reserves the right to amend, change, modify, and discontinue the terms and conditions at any time without giving prior or advance notice to anyone.